Sanel K.

hey there! 😊

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! my name is sanel, i’m a native-born floridian and a 911 dispatcher! i have two pet cats named mini and kitty (how creative, i know) that i love with all my heart. occasionally i like to write, so i’ll write blog posts and rants about really anything that’s on my mind.

here you can also find a shop where i occasionally sell things. there’s often not much on there but i figured i’d still add a shop page to this site because, honestly, why not?

and you can find a gallery where i post pictures i’ve taken, pictures of anything ranging from my pet cats to fascinating landscapes to…well, anything!

if you need to contact me for whatever reason, you can do that through this site too! just visit the contact page!

also, feel free to click on tom below to learn more about him!

anyways, i’m gonna stop talking now so you can explore the site! have fun! πŸ™‚